Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chiropractic, Medical and Massage website online

Chiropractor Minneapolis Website
Chiropractic, Medical and Massage website online

Here is a new website for a Holistic medical, chiropractic, massage and injury treatment clinic in Minneapolis. You can go to the website directly at

The design was done to keep a colorful friendly look while at the same time provide enough information to assist existing patients and new patients get the treatment that they needed.

The Search Engine Optimization for it is geared for both general treatment and auto injury type of patients.

We have included pages on individual ailments linked to their treatment to help potential patients find what they are looking for.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Optimize for phrases

Here is an article from that can be very useful.

When your potential customers search for something they will usually search by using a phrase (a series of words). Your very first job, before writing a single word of text, is to discover what that phrase or phrases are.

Let us say we want to sell flowers in Burbank and we want people to find us on the Internet. The first thing we would do is to find out what potential customers would search for. We can directly ask them and we can use keywords tools (these are tools provided by search engines to discover what people are looking for). After careful research we discover that the highest searched for phrase in the Burbank area is “wedding bouquet”.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Promoting a Chiropractic Clinic

Part of building a successful clinic includes getting patients in the door. To do this any Chiropractic clinic owner needs to have some knowledge of promotion.
There are several ways to promote a chiropractic clinic, I’m going to cover what the main ones are. In later publications we will go into each promotional system more in detail and give you some tips on how you can improve it.

Word of mouth referral:

This is one of the primary ways of gaining new patients. By actual survey 100% of the patients will tell their friends about their chiropractor (whether they liked it or not). So whether or not you are doing anything active about it you already have a word of mouth program going on. Depending how the quality of your services and friendliness is makes this a good or bad word of mouth program.

Clinic Website and Internet Presence:

By recent survey 80% of the American public is now using the internet as their main tool for finding things, this is already a huge number and it’s only going to go up. This makes a website a must for any successful chiropractic clinic.

A correctly created website provides the following things for a clinic:

  1. It provides a place for potential patients already looking for a chiropractor to find you.
  2. It provides a way to bring potential patients currently unaware that they need your services to the realization that you are the solution to their problem.
  3. It allows an easy way for people to contact you or set an appointment.
  4. It gives credibility to your clinic.
  5. It keeps you and your services real to your existing patients.

Most clinics do not realize the full potential of their website because they think of a website as a yellow page ad on the internet, this is probably because most company currently making websites for chiropractic clinics are indeed yellow-pages type companies. For more information on chiropractic clinics visit our website

Direct mailing of phone calls:

There are different types of mailing and calls that a chiropractic clinic can do. It can obviously mail to existing patients to bring them back in. It can do checkup calls, on patients that haven’t been in for a while. It can do satisfaction calls. It can do broad mailings and in some areas it can actually write or call personal injury victims to get them in the clinic.

As with any type of communication the more personal the better the response. Existing patients mailing should get a 5% or higher response whereas mailing to potential patients that don’t know you and haven’t inquired on your services will average in the fraction of a percent.

Generating Outside Direct Referrals:

Sadly for many chiropractic clinics this is a totally untapped potential source of new patients, yet when fully utilized it will keep your clinic influx of new patients stable.

Generating outside referrals is really a simple concept; what you want to do is make contact points, that deal with potential patients, think of you. This can include insurance agents, collision shops but it also expands to any business that deals with people within a certain radius from your clinic.

There are right and wrong ways to do this; simply going out and soliciting business is the wrong way to do it, and in many cases it’s considered annoying; whereas establishing relationship and awareness of you and your services and granting importance will establish your clinic in ways you never expected before.

Public events:

One more way for a clinic to increase its influx of new patients is by conducting or associating itself with public events. This can include charity activities, free physical awareness seminars, church activities and many more.

They key here is only associate, support or conduct public activities that the majority of your potential patients will approve of otherwise this will backfire and might even lose you patients.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chiropractic Websites Content is Everything

Now let’s talk about website content. I have reviewed over 20 chiropractic clinic websites today and I am appalled; here is why:
There are two major mistakes that show up over and over, the first is a simple lack of content and the second is inappropriate content.
What do I mean by content? WORDS!

Let me explain; search engines want to please the customers, how do they do that? Well, say a customer is searching for “lower back pain”, the search engine goes: “let me find a website that has a lot of ‘lower back pain’s and that must be just the thing he’s looking for.” Now your website only has one mention of lower back pain in a list of ailments you treat; how do you think you are going to score? Obviously not well. Now what if you had an article about lower back pain, an in it you used the keywords “lower back pain” 6 times, you also explained cures for it and what you can do about it, how do you think you would rate now?

Let’s take the inappropriate content since this was the second biggest problem. Let’s say you write 1000 words that cover certificates that you have and a technical article about neuromuscular therapy. Now this gives you the apparency that your website has content now. Well let’s see if it does. Your potential customer has a back pain or wants an adjustment, what is he going to search for? Very likely not “neuromuscular therapy” or “Board of Chiropractic Examiners”, he’s going to look for what he wants in his own words. So inappropriate content is really just more no content camouflaged.

Part of what we do when we create a website for your chiropractic clinic is to ensure there is plenty of (user friendly) content to get your website at the top of the search engine for your area; check us out at