Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who is doing it?

I had a Chiropractor call me last week about PI marketing in his office. I asked him some questions and found out a little bit more about him and discovered that he really is a one man band in his office. He has a part time receptionist and someone helping him with his billing and then him delivering. I told him that first of all if you are going to do this particular marketing line, you will need to have someone on it all by themselves. Not the doctor delivering and then part time mailing and stuffing envelopes. I applauded his willingness to do it but it is really a recipe for how to NOT make something work rather than have it work.

A business is built of people. And those people do certain functions and focus their attention on those functions and from those actions they should get a known and agreed upon result that exchanges with the other peoples actions within that business. The marketing person’s job is to DRIVE IN BUSINESS. When you put someone there that has as their main and ideally, only function, to drive in business, they are allowed to fully put all of their efforts and create and attention onto that product of Number of People Reaching for our Services Weekly. This is NOT the Doctors job or product.

Get someone fully there to really do those functions and who does actually get people in the door and you will be doing your job then, Delivering.